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 31 January 2017


H40GC and H44GC QSL  status info:

1.Today ( 31 January 2017 ), I mailed the last part from 200 letters with H40GC and H44GC QSLs. Already answered all requests ( OQRS & LETTERS ) for H40GC and H44GC QSLs, received till 30 January 2017.

2. Till 31 January 2017 are already sent also DIRECT  H40GC and H44GC QSLs to all Individual Sponsors which kindly supported in advance this DXpedition!

3. Please, if anybody have got a request for DIRECT  H44GC, H40GC QSLs and  have not received my letter with QSL ( QSLs ) till end of February - send me e-mail! I will help him with mailing of second letter with QSL(s) !

4. H40GC and H44GC QSLs via the BUREAU will be send after July 2017 !

                                                                                   73! Stan, LZ1GC



13 November 2016


Some busted / wrong calls in H40GC and H44GC logs are already corrected. I am working very hard, now about sending of H40GC and H44GC QSLs (OQRS and letters), but I need a time to do this! Please for patientce! I am planing to finished with sending of direct H40GC and H44GC QSLs till end of December 2016. Full H40GC and H44GC logs will be upload on LoTW in middle of December 2016. Thanks a lot for your understanding and patience!

                                                                      73! Stan, LZ1GC 


22 October 2016


Now, H40GC & H44GC DXpedition is already history!

H40GC QRT  at 16:06 GMT on 17 October 2016. The last contact was on 160 meters , CW with JA4ZA.

H44GC QRT  at 21:09 GMT on 21 October 2016. The last contact was on 20 meters , CW with KB8VAO.

I am now in Fiji Republic, on a way to Europe. On 24 October 2016 is my flight to Seoul, Republic of Korea (HL) and Frankfurt, Germany. I will be in Bulgaria at 22:30 LZ time on 26 October 2016. After my arrive in Bulgaria I will check my e-mails and I will correct some mistakes in H44GC and H40GC logs if there is some busted calls! Please don't worry - if there is someones with a busted calls in the logs - I will correct these mistakes! Let's to be patiently!

About me: After last night slept I am in a good condition and I am ready for next DXpedition!

The radio is my life!

I hope that H40GC and H44GC were a good activities!

                                                                                     73! Stan, LZ1GC



21 September 2016

Now the team is complete. A long-awaited moment has arrived. The equipment is completely ready. Finally we are going to take time to enjoy the time until the great adventure start. We are happy and excitedly expect to get into the airplane on Wednesday, 21st Sept. 2016, fly around the Earth and make our dream reality – activate Solomon Islands & Temotu Province H44GC/H40GC. We are small team with great Ham radio spirit and we will do our best for great success.
On 24th Sept. 2016 15:30 local time we will arrive on Solomon Island and we will try to be on the air at late evening (about 08:00 GMT). We plan to take a part of CQ WW RTTY contest. On 25th of September two operating positions will be QRV on different bands and modes.

Special thanks to all Individual, Club and Association Sponsors!

See you down the log!

                               73! Stan, LZ1GC & Emil, DL8JJ


Stan, LZ1GC - organizer & operator  H40GC DXpedition 2017. Operator - CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK. Previous organized by him DXpeditions: H44GC & H40GC DXpedition 2016, T2GC in 2015, C21GC in 2014, 3D2GC (Fiji Republic) in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 3D2GC/P (Rotuma Isl.) in 2013. Member of 3D2R (Rotuma Isl.) & 3D2C (Conway Isl.) DXpedition teams in 2011 & 2012. Also with activities as SV8/LZ1GC in 2012 from Samothraki Isl., IOTA EU - 174 , LZ1GC/1 in 2010 from Sveta Anastasiya Isl., IOTA EU - 181 and a few times from Turkey as TA2/LZ1GC & TA3/LZ1GC.